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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo 5402 Vintage A Series 1974 with Certificate Rare

  • A magnificent Audemars 5402 first series "A" 1974’ (one of the oldest available on the market)
    Royal Oak Jumbo automatic.
    Caliber 2121C
    Diameter 39mm
    Comes with its original box and original Audemars Certificate and two years recent complet service guarantee. No original parts where changed.
    The watch is in exception good condition for its age, probably one of the nicest well preserved dial for this model. Hands where changed at certain time. Otherwise all original in excellent condition. The most important is the dial, and in this particular model it’s outstanding well aged with harmonious patina indexes. Very well preserved bezel and the bezel screws ( intact! ) .
    With Recent Heritage Audemars Piguet service (slight ravivage not polished) two years Audemars guarantee.
    Case crisp well preserved excellent condition, bezel and the bezel screws in perfect condition.
    Note also it's the early version from 1974' very sought by AP collectors first production series classification.
    Bracelet has one screw replaced at certain time, and was left as it is in order not to change the original braclet. Bracket is in very good condition for, it's age.
    Dial is immaculate with no oxydation, humidity and other factors signs, excellent condition.
    Overall a true vintage collector authentic masterpiece.

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