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Tudor Prince Chronograph Ref 79280

  • Tudor Prince Date Chronograph, Steel,, Diameter 40mm, Automatic

    Watch story: For nearly half a century, TUDOR has been making the history of the chronograph with products with a strong identity, unique style and uncompromising quality. By measuring the achievement, by arousing passion, by constantly improving its products and by proposing models that are at the same time inscribed in their time but still strongly identifiable, TUDOR has taken a special place in the field of sports chronograph, embodied by the development of four successive families of products. The year 1995 inaugurated the second series of automatic chronographs Prince Oysterdate, which introduces many aesthetic and technical improvements such as a reworked and refined case or a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

    In 1995, with the introduction of reference series 79200, the appearance of the self-winding Prince Oysterdate chronograph is revised in a subtle yet important way. First of all, the casing, which, through three generations of chronographs, had preserved its famous, sharp and sharp presence, was refined and softened. With a highly recognizable silhouette, it now offers smoother lines, curves and curves. Three notable changes still mark the design of this fourth generation: a new, characteristic silvered dial with cream-colored counters is introduced, an aluminum disc with a black eloxed decal replaces the traditional tachymeter disc in plexiglass and a sapphire crystal with magnifying glass Is adopted as a replacement for Plexiglas ice creams. Its movement remains the Valjoux 7750 automatic caliber, but it also in a substantially improved version. Its finish is characteristic and enjoys a particular aesthetic effort. Entirely corked, its decoration is called "special TUDOR". The rotor is no longer decorated with a marking decal, but engraved and gilded. The hardware is now polished instead of being dull. 

    In 1996, TUDOR celebrated 50 years of existence. The brand is now known in all markets. That's why direct references to Rolex gradually disappear from the boxes, crowns and bracelets of the TUDOR watches.

    The 79000 series is the ultimate incarnation of the TUDOR Oysterdate chronograph in terms of performance and quality. Its movement is used in its most accomplished version and sapphire crystal is particularly resistant. The reference 79280 indicates the steel bezel with engraved tachymeter scale. This specimen produced in 1995 presents a glossy white dial of enamel type with black counters. The signature "OYSTERDATE" is visible on the dial and the deployant buckle bears a TUDOR logo.


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