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Tudor Submariner 76100 Year 1988'/89'

  • REF: 76100

    Price on request

    Movement: automatic 

    Case: steel

    Bracelet: stainless steel 

    Condition: mint

    Year: 1988'/89', Series no.227xx

    Overview:  Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf founded Tudor as daughter company of the big crown.Tudor was, and still is, a very interesting brand to collectors of both new and vintage watches. The first Submariner from Rolex and its little Tudor brother were both developed at the same time.The first Rolex Submariners (the company launched 3 different models at the same time: the ref. 6200, 6204 and 6205) were introduced in 1953 and a few months later, in 1954, the Tudor Submariner followed. This model was given the reference number 7922 and it was almost identical to the Rolex Submariner. The watch set the major design elements for future Tudor Submariner models, it had a self-winding movement (Fleurier caliber 390) and water resistant to 100 meters. Production of the 76100 here can be placed around 1984, which was a great year to be born, it could be a cool, rare and pretty interesting watch to celebrate one’s year of birth.


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