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Alexandre Toledano


Passionate about jewellery and watches from his early years, Alexandre entered the industry in 1989. As he specialised in selling new and vintage collection pieces, he opened his own boutique in the heart of Lugano, Switzerland.  


''With experience in the business of over 30 years, my goal is to offer my customers not only something nice to wear but also tailor-made advice that adds value''.


Fluent in six languages and having lived in 5 countries across different continents, all with vastly diverse cultures, Alexandre has the ease of understanding the different needs and expectations of his Swiss and international clientele.

Nathalie Albrecht

Marketing Manager

Nathalie joined 24Time as Marketing Manager in 2012. With 15+ years of solid marketing experience, her expertise has resulted in the implementation of innovative solutions that have delivered a strengthened corporate brand as well as the refreshed customer experience 24Time prides itself with to date.

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